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"Send in the Clouds"
18 Jun 2013

The first of a series of Art workshops with David Knowles was held at the Masterton Art Club recently for a capacity audience.  David’s presentation began with an overview of his life as an artist.  His enthusiasm and dedication for his chosen profession was evident as he talked about the many highlights of his long career to date and the people who are already collecting his art.  He also had on display a selection of his inspirational current works which feature clouds.

All attending brought canvases and paints, ready for the practical session. It began with a few basics:

  • How he mixes his paints using the highest quality organic ingredients.
  • The consistency of the mixed blend of colours
  • David’s preference for smaller brushes.
  • Types of canvas.

David also focused on the appreciation of New Zealand’s natural heritage.  “I see a picture in everything, I think in pictures,” he said. “There is so much in front of our eyes which provides me with the inspiration to paint.”

The theme of the day was ‘clouds’, a feature of many of David’s landscapes.  He was generous with his time and open with his method of work, so there were no hidden secrets.

A small painting was crafted in front of everyone as a practical lesson. The result was a small and serene landscape, with a billowing cloud. 

Art student  Di Griffiths said the class was very unusual, “I came because I‘ve always admired David’s work and his demonstration of techniques was brilliant. The theme today was clouds and the most important thing for me was to see how he could paint a natural cloud with the finest detail from his mind’s eye and make it look so real.  To see a professional like David work, with his patience and enthusiasm, is very inspiring.”

David agreed to come back again to present another workshop on a different theme.  Other workshops will be held throughout the country.  

If you would like to book David for a workshop, email him at davidknowles@xtra.co.nz